MooScope - a Moodle Dashboard for Facebook.

Using MooScope learners can access core information about Moodle from their Facebook accounts. They can also use MooScope to login to Moodle using their Facebook credentials.

The clear and intuitive dashboard interface provides learners with the following key information and features:

  • ‘At a glance’ information on the number of Moodle messages, course updates, friends logged on to Moodle and site news items
  • Detailed course updates since the last user log on
  • See class mates currently using Moodle
  • Read Moodle site news notifications
  • Read Moodle messages from tutors and class mates
  • See a list of course teachers/tutors with email contact
  • See course information including course forum posts & assignment details
  • Logon to and access Moodle directly from the app page without having to add further credentials

Why use MooScope

MooScope has been designed to increase awareness of your Moodle installation and the information it offers your learners. It expands the reach of your VLE and enables learners to keep up-to-date with the information and resources you want them to see.

Rather than recreate Moodle in its entirety within facebook the purpose of MooScope is to improve engagement and encourage learners to access your Moodle on a regular basis.

It is likely that many of your learners regularly access facebook, by simply clicking the app button on their page they can instantly see Moodle course updates, messages and news items without having to navigate and sign in to Moodle first.

By simplifying the logon process to Moodle, with a simple click of a button, learners do not have to remember additonal passwords and login credentials to access vital course information and resources. External login problems to Moodle can be a barrier to the success of a VLE and in the case of assignment submission can even affect overall grades. MooScope removes this barrier and allows login even if network passwords have expired.

As well as helping to increase the engagement of your learners we believe MooScope will also encourage tutors to use Moodle effectively and on a regular basis, safe in the knowledge that their learners are actually seeing and engaging with the information they are posting to Moodle.

So, why not give your Moodle more scope!